How Many Blueberries Can I Give My Dog

According to the popular dog site, Blueberries play a significant role in the health of a dog. As much as the skeptical individuals may see that a dog is a canine and does not eat fruits. Well, dogs eat blueberries directly or indirectly. For some time food supplements that owners frequently acquire from shops contain blueberries at varying capacities.

When it comes to the health of the dog, blueberries play a crucial role by supplying of antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential to prevent cases of cancer and heart diseases among dogs. Dogs are prone to these instances from different parts of the world.

Just like human beings dogs are sensitive animals. They have likes and dislikes. Some dogs will love the berries, but we must consider that there are other dogs dislike blueberries.

Can Dogs and Puppies Eat Blueberries

Can dogs and puppies eat blueberries, this question comes to our mind when we think about dog healthy food. See, dogs are man’s best friend, they are with us in times of joy a sorry, and we can play with them, take a nap with them and even jump into the pool with them. As much as they may add all the right things in our lives, they come with an added responsibility. Keeping a dog healthy and in perfect shape in no easy task. It requires some applied skill and knowledge to avoid poisoning the dog.


Blueberries are dangerous not only to a dog but also to a human being if give in excessive amounts. Just like any toxins too much of something is poisonous. Dogs should be given the berries occasionally and should not be a daily routine to avoid chaotic diarrhea. For a big dog ten should do just fine but as for any other dog stick to five and below.

Different dogs respond differently when it comes to blueberries; it is, therefore, advisable to seek the consent of a veterinarian before proceeding to avoid harming your precious friend.


Now, you think how many Blueberries should I give my dog?

Dogs can be given blueberries in different ways. One is just providing them in the raw form; they won’t mind. You wash them thoroughly then give to them. Another even more efficient method is freezing them. By freezing the berries, you give them that crunchy feeling that every dog likes when eating, something to do with power in using their teeth well.


The berries could be growing right in your compound; maybe it is you plantation is it just evolves naturally. Either way is sure if your dog likes berries, it has taken a few for itself.

Are Blueberries Toxic to Dogs

Some toxic food staffs can destroy a dog by just one bite, please keep chocolate fare away from your dog for its sake. Just like the way excess blueberries may harm a dog, chocolate is even worse. And darker the chocolate the more poisonous it is. There some other more foods staffs to keep away from your dog come what may. Please check and ensure to keep your dog jovial and healthy, to make them admirable not only on your Instagram by posting those memes but to the people living around you. A beautiful dog is a lovely home and beautiful home is a lovely family.